Girls Diapers

Baby girls and their diapering needs are different from those of baby boys -- but not as big a difference as some parents seem to think.

Diaper Doula

There are no diapers specifically designed and cut for baby girls. Generally, girls will be smaller than boys at any given age, so girls will fit into the lower end of the weight ranges given on diaper packages. Do not be misled by age ranges, or you baby girl may end up in loose-fitting diapers that leak.

(Actually, too, there are some adult "girls" who wear diapers for perfectly respectable purposes. Elderly women (and men) may suffer from incontinence due to the natural aging process. Also, a growing number of women in their childbearing years feel that "girls' diapers" are safer than tampons. Tampons keep menstrual flow inside the body where it can serve as a breeding ground for any number of disease-causing bacteria and viruses. Toxic shock syndrome arose from tampons using superabsorbant materials similar to those used in disposable diapers. Women who experience especially heavy menstrual flows find that so called "mini-pads" just don't absorb well enough, so they turn to the lighter adult diapers. But most girls' diapers go on baby girls.)

Diapering a baby girl requires just a little more care than diapering a baby boy. Girls have vaginas into which feces and urine can sink, so it's very important to clean this area thoroughly but gently with soft, moisturized baby wipes or the equivalent. Never put anything astringent on any baby's genital area!

Lanolin, applied after wetness is thoroughly dried, can soothe and soften baby's skin. But be aware that some people are born allergic to sheep, from which lanolin is derived. Lanolin can cause redness, swelling, and even hives or cracking of the skin in such cases.

Girls' diapers are primarily responsible for the abundance of different colors and patterns found in even disposable diapers and diaper covers. Girls just look cuter in such things, and we all want our girls to look as cute as possible!

Girls' diapers are made by the same people who make boys' diapers. Whether you are diapering a boy or a girl, remember to keep in mind the health, environmental, and cost-saving benefits of cloth diapers.

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