Bumgenius Diapers

Bumgenius diapers are cloth diapers designed and manufactured by Cotton Babies Inc. of St. Louis, Missouri. Cotton Babies is a classic example of a passion that became a thriving business.

Diaper Doula

Founded in 2002 with a $100 investment, Cotton Babies is the dream child of Jennifer Labit, cofounder and president. A mother herself, Labit developed a sincere passion for cloth diapers and diapering products. She began sewing and selling cloth diapers online, then opened a chain of retail stores. Today, Cotton Babies products are sold worldwide through distributors and major retailers.

The Bumgenius line of cloth diapers and diapering products is designed for economically and environmentally sensitive mothers. Inexpensive yet of the highest quality, Bumgenius products will last throughout baby's diapering years. And when your baby no longer needs them, Bumgenius cloth diapers retain impressive resale value. The Cotton Babies stores even have a used diapers section where you can trade diapers!

Bumgenius diapers come in styles to meet every baby's needs and every family's budget.

The original Bumgenius cloth diaper is an adjustable one-size diaper; it features a 3 x 3 snap system that lets it grow with your baby. It's also an all-in-one (or "pocket") diaper, combining diaper, insert pocket, and diaper cover in one trim, durable unit.

The Econobum cloth diaper costs about one-third less than the original Bumgenius. It's a one-size diapering system consisting of a diaper cover and cloth prefold diaper.

The Flip System is a one-size diaper cover that adapts to three styles of diaper inserts. The Stay-Dry superabsorbent insert is good for anytime or overnight use. The Organic Insert is great for sensitive skin, potty training (baby feels wetness sooner and learns to use the potty), and overnight use. The Disposable Insert is for convenience and travel.

Fuzzibunz cloth diapers are the top of the all-in-one adjustable diapering system. A waterproof outer cover contains wetness. A sophisticated system of snaps ensures a trim, snug fit no matter what your baby's size or shape. A soft, absorbent microfleece lining wicks wetness away from baby's skin. A pocket opening accepts a variety of inserts. Elastic around leg openings provides added leak protection.

Cotton Babies also sells a full line of diapering accessories from baby wipes to diaper bags. The company also offers other kinds of baby products such as strollers, car seats, pacifiers, and baby carriers.

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